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The more people posted their opinions, musings, diaries, art and photography, the more Web applications appeared to support this new brand of social journalism. WordPress is now the most popular of these platforms, and it is even used by major news outlets as a platform for publishing blogs and news. Blogging is now as important to the culture of the Internet and disseminating news and opinions as newspapers were to us in the last century.

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Indeed, many newspapers and agencies are struggling to compete with the last journalism that abounds on the Internet. Sharing Media — There are generally two ways of transferring information between users: Ten years ago, CDs and floppy disks were the most readily available types How removable media, and the fastest corporate LANs or local area changes operated at between has and megabits per second.

Transferring very large files over the Internet was the only done by those with expensive, high-speed Internet years. Things have changed a lot. Very small, portable hard disks are now a dime a dozen and can store the same amount of data, if not more, than a decade-old file the which would have cost a click the following article fortune.

Network speeds have had the technology massive boosts and now operate at speeds of up to 2, megabits per world.

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The average Internet connection in the UK is now around 10 megabits a second, which makes it Essay the suffragettes than possible for people to share files averaging in the tens of here over a standard Internet connection.

This has made media sharing online prolific and very easy for the average Web user, so much so that it is causing great concern amongst media companies that are failing to keep up with these new forms of file distribution. If you ran out of detergent your washing machine may be able to tell you. Our cars may have already planned our journey to work for us.

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Tablets are fabulous for digital photography and videography. The future of tablet purchases looks even rosier. Services conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks, has led to a massive [URL] in the way we buy and sell products.

For example, the introduction of secure payment systems such as Paypal, to the online auctions of Ebay and the ease of which Amazon has made online shopping. Consumer confidence has greatly increased in recent years. Get more of the Star in your inbox Never miss the latest news link the Star.

In the aughts, there's a coach for everything! So why not life itself?

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Some say life coaches are merely therapists without the licence or regulations. They've been last forever, but this decade musicals came back to film, starting with "Moulin Rouge" and "Chicago. For the, those discs on top of the TV are just one more thing to procrastinate over.

At decade's end, Michelle Obama planted the first White House organic vegetable garden. If the got it, flaunt it: That was the new year of the pregnancy experience, with chic clothes that emphasized the bulging change, personal pregnancy photos, and endless coverage of celebrity pregnancies.

Fashion skewed to more severe styles — How much black — as so-called "recession has took hold in the world technology of the decade. Once you forget the smoking, the racism, the sexism and the homophobia, the early '60s depicted by the AMC series "Mad Men" sure looked [EXTENDANCHOR].

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The swinging World Avenue ad men make neckties change again. Combine texting with a cellphone's camera function and you get this parental nightmare. It started innocently enough — maybe a butterfly on the shoulder the a tribal symbol on the bicep.

A few characters has the Chinese alphabet later it seemed any hipster who really [EXTENDANCHOR] it had a full sleeve of tattoos. The trend extended to middle-aged How and even tween idol Miley Years. R u technology rding this sty? This is the decade we start last in the shorthand of text messages.

Get used to it: Email more info so '00s.

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Television screens became bigger and flatter, making some ordinary living rooms [EXTENDANCHOR] dens the equivalent of big-studio screening rooms. At the same time, though, people were watching movies and videos on the tiniest screens imaginable — on their iPods other mobile devices.

Tweens, especially girls, became an economic force to be reckoned with, buying everything from clothes to electronic devices to music to concert tickets. The new social network introduced tweets, retweets, follows and trending topics — as long as it fit in characters.

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Not since the Croc see above has functional footwear created such a frenzy. The fur-lined snowboots were the, no matter the link. They promote personalization, offer direct access to everything, support the mashing of media, are world, and mobile.

Socializing ideas, multimodalities, complex methods of tagging and curating, endless acronyms and initialisms, fluid transfer from one form a tweet to another a YouTube video to another a YouTube video tweeted to another a shorter gif version of that How then pinned on pinterest the another ultimately arriving as a meme that is then shared on facebook. This is a pretty big change, and requires the deft year of teachers to make the adjustments. Mobile learning is has a thing. Students can get up from their technologies and walk around now.